16 April 2011 @ 06:12 pm
My muffin top is all that  
I'm now 1/3 of the way through 30 Day Shred. I knew it was making a difference, because I could see a little change in the mirror, BUT the big reality check came today when I saw a picture of myself from the Cesarean Awareness Rally.

Here are some decided unflattering, but probably pretty accurate pictures of me from Rosie's birthday on March 27th:

And here is a picture from today (almost 2 weeks in, 10 days of Shredding):

Can't see my chest area or anything, but I was amazed that my hips looked that much trimmer in a white t-shirt (which isn't exactly the most flattering of garments).

And just 'cause I love this pic, immediately post workout yesterday:

Way less fat around my face, noticeable difference around my hips, and today I discovered that my obliques actually go all the way up to my rib cage. As in, I seriously had no idea that muscle went that far! It's always either been fat or flab there before.

I really wish I'd taken proper before/after pictures, but the real proof is going to be in that god-forsaken green satin dress. Planning on sticking w/ 30 Day Shred, because it isn't time consuming and it's definitely doing something for me!
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[identity profile] zeldazonk.livejournal.com on April 16th, 2011 10:31 pm (UTC)
You look amazing, and you have such a healthy, awesome glow!
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[identity profile] raving-liberal.livejournal.com on April 16th, 2011 11:01 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I feel really good and PROUD of myself. I don't like to be even remotely sweaty or uncomfortable, so this is a big deal for me.
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[identity profile] muirichinnahali.livejournal.com on April 16th, 2011 10:43 pm (UTC)
You look awesome!
And now you have me definitely considering doing it too. lol I've read many complaints about it being especially hard on the knees, and saw you'd had issues with that too. It makes me a little nervous. :P
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[identity profile] raving-liberal.livejournal.com on April 16th, 2011 11:03 pm (UTC)
It definitely puts some strain on the knees, but I've found that it's primarily the cardio that does it -- jumping jacks are a bear on my knees. I am switching up the cardio exercises a little more, nixing the JJs, and wrapping my more wobbly knee (lightly; the brace was Too Much). The lunges and squats are actually really good; she's careful to demonstrate proper form, the exercises are pretty carefully designed to avoid overstrain on the knees. I think the pain I was feeling this week was more like the pain I felt in my legs and butt the first two days -- a pain of "things are stretching and muscles are growing" not a pain of "OH DEAR GOD WHY DO YOU HATE YOUR KNEES SO MUCH?"
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[identity profile] vdreamgoddessv.livejournal.com on April 16th, 2011 11:11 pm (UTC)
This convinced me to finally shell out the money for it. I have wanted to do this since before birthing my last baby, and well now I kind of need to do it even more.

You look great!
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[identity profile] raving-liberal.livejournal.com on April 16th, 2011 11:12 pm (UTC)
If you pay more than $8, you're overpaying. You can find it in a lot of places for $8 or less.
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[identity profile] vdreamgoddessv.livejournal.com on April 16th, 2011 11:18 pm (UTC)
That's really good to know! Wow, it has gone down a lot since I first put it on my wishlist!
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[identity profile] inkbabies.livejournal.com on April 16th, 2011 11:12 pm (UTC)
Wow! I want to try this!
You look really good and you can tell that it's making a difference!
and just to say it again, I really love the haircut.
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[identity profile] raving-liberal.livejournal.com on April 16th, 2011 11:16 pm (UTC)
Thank you!

And if I can do this, anyone can do this. You have no idea how much I loathe exercising. I will find any excuse to put it off, usually. This, though? I even did my workout yesterday and today with my stupid period cramps! Just knowing that in 20 minutes I'd feel like a rockstar was enough to make me suck it up and go through it.

I will admit that I often flip Jillian Michaels off or yell "GO FUCK YOURSELF!" during the last cardio set when she's all "This is EASY for you! You can do anything!"
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[identity profile] inkbabies.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 02:26 am (UTC)
I bought the digital version after I saw this post and tried the first day. It has officially kicked my flat ass. And yes, I cursed Jillian too!
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[identity profile] amyura.livejournal.com on April 16th, 2011 11:25 pm (UTC)
You look great!
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[identity profile] velvetpage.livejournal.com on April 16th, 2011 11:31 pm (UTC)
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[identity profile] rock-grrl.livejournal.com on April 16th, 2011 11:36 pm (UTC)
You look amazing!! Once I'm done my practicum, I'm totally going to do this now!!
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[identity profile] imjustafacade.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 12:02 am (UTC)
yay i am shredding too!! day 18 here... been taknig a break since my ankles were hurting. i took before pics and measurements. the scale is evil, that thing shows no change but my body feels and moves so different! (i can touch my toes now :)

i was the same way, but now i am starting to crave the exercise and i want to sweat. i am also doing 6 week 6 pack if i have an no shred day. it is so intense! (my midsection is the worst - helloooo 10lb baby). i noticed my face and arms getting toned quickly. oh and with dh said the butt is shrinking ;)

after this 30 days i want to try ripped in 30, i am SO scared... the reviews on amazon say its more intense.
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[identity profile] raving-liberal.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 12:06 am (UTC)
I think once I can do all three levels of 30 Day Shred, I'm going to try Ripped in 30. My mid-section isn't really my big problem area. I'm a butt/thighs girl.
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[identity profile] inkbabies.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 02:30 am (UTC)
I am chicken legs with a buddha belly, so ripped looks good to me!
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[identity profile] raving-liberal.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 02:46 am (UTC)
I get progressively bigger as you go further down. Even when I was in high school and weighed less than 120 pounds, I had proportionately big hips and thighs (as you can see (http://mcfamilies.com/hs3.jpg)). It's just our shape and in general, I don't mind it. During my pregnancy with Rosie, however, I put on belly weight, which I DO mind, both for vanity and (mainly) because it raises my already present diabetes risk.
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[identity profile] blakdove.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 12:08 am (UTC)
Holy cow, what a difference! You looked lovely before, but I can definitely see a difference.
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[identity profile] raving-liberal.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 12:18 am (UTC)
I'm really impressed with how much this workout is changing my body. I was dubious.
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[identity profile] mrs--smith.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 12:20 am (UTC)
Yay, go you!! And I dig the haircut, btw. :)
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[identity profile] raving-liberal.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 02:43 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'd wanted to do the bobbed w/ more length in front thing for a while, but chickened out every time. Nathan finally talked me into it. Having a hairdresser cousin is good for my image!
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[identity profile] mrs--smith.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 02:57 am (UTC)
It suits you very well.
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[identity profile] raving-liberal.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 03:02 am (UTC)
Definitely better than the Pentecostal hippie hair I was sporting before. In Nathan we trust!
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[identity profile] bafleyanne.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 12:34 am (UTC)
You look awesome! I'm totally going to check that out once I have this baby.
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[identity profile] heathrow.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 12:59 am (UTC)
You look so good! Keep it up, mama!
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[identity profile] raving-liberal.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 02:42 am (UTC)
I will squeeze my behind into a less expensive dress yet!
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[identity profile] nived32.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 02:20 am (UTC)
Awesome!! You know, the 30 Day Shred was how I started my fitness journey. Next thing you know you'll be joining the ranks of us "hard core" fitness nuts, quitting your day job to teach group fitness and do personal training. No, wait...that's just me :o)

Seriously, though, the difference is quite noticeable! You're doing great!!
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[identity profile] raving-liberal.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 02:42 am (UTC)
Yeah, I don't think I'll be doing all that other stuff, though if my knees survive the 30 Day Shred I might do some of Jillian Michael's other stuff. I really like the 3-2-1 system, though I am wishing that there were a little bit more arm work. Level two looks like it does a better job of focusing on triceps.
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[identity profile] nived32.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 04:09 am (UTC)
Ohhh, I remember the knee pain. The best advice I can give you on that is to modify your form just a LITTLE so that your knees point a little bit outwards (versus going straight). It has something to do with the way a woman's knee joints are made (when I was doing the 30DS I did extensive research on it).
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[identity profile] raving-liberal.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 04:13 am (UTC)
I'll give that a try. I've mostly been swapping out the jumping jacks with more butt kicks, punches, or jumpropes, which has helped a lot.
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[identity profile] nived32.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 06:27 am (UTC)
That's what I did until my knee pain went away. Only after no pain did I attempt to get back in there with the posture/form changes. Also, make sure you're wearing good shoes...that helps a lot too.
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[identity profile] jonsan.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 05:00 am (UTC)
Interesting. I've been doing the DVD the days I don't run and Morgan noticed that I angle my feet slightly outward when doing squats. Comes naturally from martial art training where we angle feet and knees out from the body to reduce risk of injury.
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[identity profile] nived32.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 06:29 am (UTC)
That's exactly how I do them too. Most trainers (and videos), though, tell their clients to make sure their feet are pointing forward which means their knees are pointing forward. I don't know about everyone else, but trying to squat that way makes for creaking and pain. Turning my feet out just slightly makes for a better rotation under my knee cap.
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[identity profile] evel-lin.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 08:10 am (UTC)
Wow that's such a difference :-o Well done you!
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[identity profile] devaretha.livejournal.com on April 17th, 2011 09:56 pm (UTC)
You look TOTALLY awesome!

And obviously, I need to try this once this (the cruelest conference month) is over!
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[identity profile] theretohere.livejournal.com on April 18th, 2011 05:04 am (UTC)
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[identity profile] miriam-torason.livejournal.com on May 1st, 2011 05:44 pm (UTC)
Okay, okay, I'm late. Like, MASSIVELY late. But still! I was in Chi-town-land visiting until a couple days ago, and then Nathaniel so-kindly shared a cold that has knocked me on my ass. x.x;;

Anyhow - OMGOMG! You look GREAT! I *have* this disc, and I keep getting a few days into it, then giving up. This time, I was alternating it with c25k. I finished c25k, and then... My knees went berserk. Like creaking when I walked, hurting all the time... horrible. They're *finally* feeling better now, and seeing your progress (and your results!) has me jonesing to start up again. I think I'll make June my 30 Day Shred month - give my knees the extra time to heal - and spend May focusing on what my brother sends me (you get a hairdresser cousin of which I am thoroughly jealous, and I get a personal trainer brother). ^_^ I can't *believe* I'm actually anxious to try again! XD
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