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raving_liberal ([personal profile] raving_liberal) wrote on December 14th, 2009 at 02:35 pm
Most Christmas Shopping Recommendations
Need last minute gifts, either stocking stuffers or the big "from Santa" present? Here are some (unsolicited, unsponsored *winkwink*) recommendations:

  • Want a Waldorf-style alternative to Barbie, Bratz, and other fashion dolls? This 11" ballerina doll might fit the bill. I love her hair! $60, stocking at 10pm today.

  • While I've never actually seen a child use a hobby horse in recent years, a felted wool Hobby Moose might be enticing (if pricey). $100, stocking at 10pm today.

  • Coffee ninja for the coffee-drinking grown up ninja in your life ($7, in stock) or boo boo ninja for the boo boo getting little ninja in your life ($10, in stock). Ninjas. Ninjas. Do I really need to say more?

  • Pretty and tough. What's not to like about a girly dinosaur? Auction, starting at $8, stocking at 9pm today.

  • For those who prefer an all-natural approach to art, try Busy Bee Natural Non-Toxic Bath Crayons ($7.50, in stock) or Beeswax Crayons ($9.50, in stock).

  • Don't forget to buy the knitters on your list some knitter's balm. $5.50, stocking tomorrow at 12pm.

  • My kids get socks and underwear in their stockings. If your child is persnickety about his/her underdrawers, these undies might appeal to his/her sensibilities. $7, stocking at 1pm tomorrow.

  • If your child like memory games, try these wooden memory card sets in different themes. $15, in stock.

  • For something a little different, maybe add some matryoshka finger puppets to the Christmas stocking. $14, in stock.

  • Waldorf dolls might not be your thing, but maybe knitted dolls are. Holly, the 12" knit doll is less expensive than a Waldorf doll, but adorable. $37,in stock.

  • Simplicity is "in." Rag dolls are making a comeback. This Plain Jane dolly would be easy to sew for to create a whole wardrobe of clothing. $40, in stock.

  • If I'm posting lots of dolls, I have to post this guy. Billy the Kid is an 18" Waldorf doll that comes dressed as a satyr. His horns, furry legs, feet, and beard are all removable, and he comes with a change of "normal" clothes. He would be a good doll for a child who is really into Percy Jackson and the Olympians. $175, in stock.

  • Does your child like trains? A wooden train with colorful wheels could play a starring role under your tree this year! $45, in stock.

  • I like Calvin the plush monster. He has personality. $22, in stock.

  • All of the wooden toys from Anne Moze All Wood Toys are beautiful, but I particularly love the farmer set ($40, in stock) and Hansel and Gretel set $60, in stock.

  • This wristlet camera case is a pretty gift for the photographer in your life. $12, in stock.

    Ok, hopefully some of these suggestions are helpful in wrapping up your shopping. Good luck!
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