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raving_liberal ([personal profile] raving_liberal) wrote on November 11th, 2009 at 11:31 pm
Holiday 2009 early shopping list
I was going to filter this to just the people who asked to see it, but screw it. I've barely been on LJ lately, but took the time to make this list, so y'all can all see it. Scroll on if you don't like to buy presents for small people. ;)

Here's my first set of recommendations for holiday gifts, mostly $20 and under, made by work-at-home parent-owned businesses. I don't work for, get kickbacks from, or in any way benefit from these recommendations other than the satisfaction of helping you find something cool.

Disclaimer: I haven't tried all these products myself, but have tried to indicate the ones I have.

  • Need play food for your play kitchen? Fair Trade Family's wool food is my favorite. This farmers market set in Peace Fleece is adorable, and check out this turkey dinner!

  • Rosie doesn't have enough hair to clip, but if you have a little one who does, check out this cute little owl clip.

  • Speaking of owls, I like this little rainbow Half Hootie (a small bamboo velour owl). He has a little blue friend if rainbows aren't your thing.

  • Sometimes a baby just needs to bite something. This Friday, you can snag a Bite Me Dino (they come in various prints), which serves as both a teether and a taggie-type toy for kids who like that additional sensory input.

  • If you prefer simple, wooden toys for your baby, this maple rattle might be a good stocking stuffer.

  • Speaking of teethers and wooden toys, here's a velour and wood gnome teether that looks like a nice first Christmas gift. We have a bamboo fleece/wooden bird teether from the same WAHM and it's so nice!

  • It's a freaking cute teddy bear hat. How much more flavor text do you need?

  • I-Spy bags are pretty much the coolest thing ever. I like the Whiffy See-Its best, but Donovan loves his police car I-spy bag from Closet on Queen Creek.

  • My very favorite WAHM business right now is Mommy's Busy. I'm even a fan on Facebook. She makes really cute soft rattles (Rosie is getting a whale and a starfish), dinosaurs and other creatures of various sizes (Donovan is getting a pillow-sized triceratops and a dragon), and games.

  • The sensory clutch balls from Bright Life Toys are one of my favorite things ever. I love multisensory toys! They also sell a plainer version of the clutch ball.

  • Weird funny little monkey doll thing, looks snuggly and is also discounted! I love a bargain.

  • If your kid doesn't already want to eat his playdough, you can get some deliciously pumpkin spice scented all natural playdough to encourage him to do so. Ok, maybe that's not a great selling point, but if you can't be bothered to make your own playdough and the commercial stuff squicks you out, Natural Madison's magic dough is supposed to be a nice alternative.

  • Donovan has always liked little bitty dolls. He still loves his tiny babies (Moondrop dolls) that he got two Christmases ago. This mini baby is a bit bigger, but still small enough to pocket.

    Ok, that's probably enough stuff for round one. Get shopping!
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