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raving_liberal ([personal profile] raving_liberal) wrote on August 13th, 2009 at 01:02 pm
Atlanta Medical Center's mother-baby separation policy
Atlanta Medical Center is currently beginning the process of trying to becoming the first Baby-Friendly hospital in Georgia – to this end, they would have to stop their current practice of mother-baby separation being encouraged by the neonatologist and the nurses. If you would like to see the mother-baby separation ended, please write to the Atlanta Medical Center and tell them how pleased you are that they are trying to become Baby-Friendly certified and how you hope they will implement policies and practices (such as keeping mothers and babies together) that help them reach this goal.

Here is the letter that I am sending using the contact form found here. Please feel free to use it or to modify it to your own needs:

I am writing to urge the Atlanta Medical Center to meet the goals necessary to become Georgia’s first certified Baby-Friendly hospital. By ending practices such as routine mother-infant separation, your facility could put itself at the forefront of encouraging breastfeeding success and providing an environment that serves to strengthen the important bond between new mother and baby. Keeping mothers and infants together during the first days after birth is vital to the establishment of the breastfeeding relationship. The Atlanta-area’s extensive birth and breastfeeding advocacy communities strongly encourage you to continue your efforts towards achieving Baby-Friendly certification and providing Georgia mothers with a positive, supportive option for maternity care.
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